Food Holidays

National Tortilla Chip Day

Feb 24, 2020

It takes living on the streets and experiencing trauma for a soft tortilla to become hard, and that's what's necessary to earn the distinction of "chip". Most tortillas experience burn damage trauma to make this rank, but there's more.

National Chili Day

Feb 23, 2020

A rag tag group of cowboys brought chili to the masses. Originally the recipe was held by The Chili Kid, but lucky for us the Kid was defeated. After the cowboys killed him and took the recipe, they gave it to the masses.

National Cook a Sweet Potato Day

Feb 22, 2020

There is a time and place for everything, including murdering sweet innocent potatoes. They taste great, so it's perfectly acceptable to severe them from their homes and boil them alive in hot water. Learn why we do this as a society.

National Pancake Day

Feb 21, 2020

It isn't an accident that we refer to this sweet treat as silver dollars. Around the world, pancakes are used as money. Considering their amazing taste and infinite shelf life, an underground crime world of pancakes has emerged.

National Cherry Pie

Feb 20, 2020

Thanks to 80s glam rock, we associate cherry pie to private parts. The real question though is which danger zones do you fancy? Are you someone that enjoys underwater spelunking or tree climbing? We discover ourselves with this pie.

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